Monday 4 June 2018

CD REVIEW: SETHOS (Bandung Black Metal) - Promo CD, by Jack Frost, 4/6/2018.

SETHOS (Bandung Black Metal) - Promo three-track CD (2018).

1. Defying unworthy deity
2. Helpless and breathlewss
3. Invisible divinity.
Total number of copies: 10.
My copy is number 10 out of 10.

SHORT REVIEWThe band plays in the melodic Black and Roll style of Watain, Antestor, and new Satyricon. Highly recommended - the promo has strong songwriting and crisp modern production; the band's top-class Death Metal-influenced vocals are placed high up in the mix which works very well here. It is certainly quite possible to tell that one musician is a Deep Purple fan as the classic-rock influence can be found in both sound and production. 

BIO: SETHOS is a Black Metal band that formed in March 2017 with Daevas; Maggot; Wawan (Gore Infamous); Faiz (ex-Stigmatuary); and Aep (Bloodgush) as the first lineup. At some point Wawan could not play in the live gigs because of work commitments, and they are being helped by Babay (Moredead, Jarah) as additional live member. They made their first promo Invisible Divinity and only made 24 CD copies. After the release of the promo the band Sethos almost split up, leaving only Daevas and Maggot. Despite only two members remaining, they are still active and are helped by additional musicians for their live performance. In 2018 Sethos will release one single called "Defying Unworthy Deity" that they will share for free on Internet. The band plays in the melodic Black and Roll style of Watain and new Satyricon. Highly recommended [by Jack Frost based on news provided by Maggot of Sethos band, 5 March 2018]. 

Video-clip: 'Defying Unworthy Internal Deity'

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