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CLASSIC GIRLZEROTH INTERVIEW: Popo talks with Wong and Nenx (Bandung Death Metal), 2/4/2012

Interview at: The Common Room Network Foundation, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, 2 April 2012

Popo Question 1: Hi Wong Die and Nenx, thank you so much for interview with BUSUK WEBZINE. We honor and respect metal chicks playing brutal death-metal music. I think this interview will be very interesting for many people. First please tell us the history of your band.

GIRLZEROTH Question 1: For the first formation the name was DEMIGOD. We changed because there was already a band which had that name.

Popo2: How do you get the band name of GIRLZEROTH and is it based on the name of GORGOROTH?

GIRLZEROTH2: GIRLZEROTH does not have a special meaning. The band is dominated by the girls so we wanted to put the word “girl” into the band name. And ROTH does not mean anything.

Popo3: How is progress for your album?

GIRLZEROTH3: We just have a [two-song] demo now but we plan to release our album after we finish it. Many people who know our demo support it much but some people don’t like our demo and one day some people threw our demo [on the floor].

Popo4: Why do you like to play death-metal?

Nenx (GIRLZEROTH)4: I started to know death-metal from 11-years-old. I like pop but I prefer death-metal because I just love the music.

Wong (GIRLZEROTH)4: It is a must because I came from a hardcore band so I must learn and like death-metal.

Popo, Nenx, Wong DIe
Popo5: When and how did you get involved in the metal scene?

GIRLZEROTH5: When we practice in the studio some guy asked us to play on some gig. Firstly we just played in the studio. We started to play on many stages. We play at many festivals.

Popo6: As women do you enjoy to be part of the metal scene here in Bandung?

GIRLZEROTH6: We enjoy staying in the metal scene and the metal scene allows us to [honestly] show all our emotions.

Popo7: Do you think the metal guys respect you or they just like hot chicks?

GIRLZEROTH7: Some people respect and some people do not respect. Maybe 80% respect us and 20% do not. Actually we change the answer to maybe 50% respect us and 50% do not. Fighting for the girl band is really hard. Many guys try to kill our band!

Popo8: What goal do you have for the band?

GIRLZEROTH8: We want to explore death-metal music. We want to go on tour with PANTHERA. [KJ: That is PANTHERA not PANTERA.]

Popo9: What are your favourite bands?


Popo10: Do you have many woman friends in the metal scene?

GIRLZEROTH10: We have many friends in the other communities but not many in the metal community.

Popo11: Which people or bands helped you most in the metal scene?

GIRLZEROTH11: REBELLION YOUTH CREW guys, SOUL DEATH guys. We felt help after we played at Bandung Death Fest. We received much feedback and information after the show and it helped us.

Popo12: Who are the most handsome guys in the metal scene hehehe?

Wong (GIRLZEROTH)12: Axl Rose and vocalist for RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS.

Nenx (GIRLZEROTH)12:  NILE bassist, I don’t know his name. Adi of ASPHYXIATE.

Kieran James: Oki of DEATH VOMIT?

Nenx: Oh yes!

Popo13: Last question: your favourite vocalists and guitarists?

Wong (GIRLZEROTH)12: I like the vocalist from CRANBERRIES.

Nenx (GIRLZEROTH)12:  Karl Sanders (NILE) and Jacqueline Mannering (solo guitarist).

[Note: Wong Die is now vocalist for Bandung hardcore band ASCENTION BEAUTY. The new GIRLZEROTH vocalist is Gina.]

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