Tuesday 19 January 2016

CD REVIEW: CHANCROID (Bekasi) - Promo 2015 (Brutal Productions), by Collin Brophy, 18/1/2016

Chancroid are a 3 piece brutal killing machine, from Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia, which play brutal death metal the way it should be played, Chancroid was formed back in 2011 and with a few different line up changes and now over the years they now have settled and are now making some of the most brutal death metal going around. Chancroid old style didn’t work in the past, but their new direction is just what they wanted and what they were looking for. With influence from such brutal bands as Disgorge, Putridity, Cerebral Effusion and Decrepit Birth just to name a few, you know what you are going to expect. This year the have brought out a 2 track Promo to show just how brutal they are and that they mean business.

Members of the band are Wira – Guttural (Vocal), Hendri – Shredder (Guitar) and Bona – Blast (Drums). 

The 2 track promo that Chancroid has brought out is absolutely brutal, tracks are 1. Bestial Perverse Of The Anomalies Psychoneurotic, 2. Haemophillus Ducreyi Innoculated. First up is Wira vocals, they are brutal to the extreme and those gutturals are just insane and he is one very talented vocalist. Guitarist or shredmaster as he should be known, Hendri kills it on these 2 tracks, with some very fast and heavy sick riffs, and then there is the drummer, or should I say blastmaster, Bona plays some of the most brutal blast beats I have heard for a while, and he is seriously an amazing drummer . I would definitely love to see these guys play live as some of the footage I have seen doesn’t do these guys justice. These 3 are a perfect fit for each other and complement each other's styles. 

The production on this promo is perfect, not over done or under done, they have done a brilliant job in making this promo.  The sound quality on this promo is amazing, you can hear very beat from the drummer and the guitar sound is so clear and as for the vocals, they are clear and just perfect for this promo.

If this is the standard for Chancroid's promo, I can’t wait for their full length album that they are working on, they have set a very high standard on this promo and I know that they can continue that standard on their debut album.

If you have a love of all things that are brutal, then I highly recommend that you try and get one of the promos, that is if are is any left, there is a very limited amount of promo disc or you may have to wait for their debut album when it comes out.

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