Monday, 14 March 2016

NEWS: Teguh Prasetyo leaves DIGGING UP but will stay with INTERFECTORMENT (Bandung Death Metal),

Message from Teguh Prasetyo:
"Today I'm officially resign as a bass player for Digging Up IDDM because my lack of time and difficulty to manage a time between Digging Up and my work. I would like to say thanks a lot to Dedra, Arief, Aghy, and Agung. A lot of lesson i learned, so much experience we have been through together. Digging Up was one of the best, and I believe it will remain like that, its my honor can be a part of them. Thanks for the time brother.
ps: I'm not retired for playing basses, I'm still playing with Interfectorment" [posted by Teguh via facebook].
DIGGING UP 2015 formation, feat. Teguh fourth from right
DIGGING UP 2014 formation before Teguh joined
INTERFECTORMENT live @ Bangcock Death Fest 2015
INTERFECTORMENT band (Lembang / North Bandung)

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