Thursday 5 May 2016


1 Kieran James: Which do you prefer - whiskey or beer? Teguh Prasetyo (bassist INTERFECTORMENT / ex-DIGGING UP): Both, my favorite was 1:6 comparison. Like a lot of us always say “Unity in diversity” hahaha...
2 What's your view on marijuana? Should it be legalized or not? I pretty much love it, some fact that it can be used for medical, industrial, and foodstuff product make it more wonderful. But I think we cannot legalize it in Indonesia right now.
3. What is the reasoning behind your opinion? We aren’t ready yet, too much misapplication will happened. Someday maybe it will happen after a lot of education about it. But now Indonesia still needs to focus on things more important, for example like education, development, and corruption issue.
4 Most memorable music show you attend? Defeated Sanity at Bandung, I think their performance was impeccable.
5 Who is your favorite non Metal singer? Bob Marley, Frank Sinatra, Sting, David Coverdale, Dave Grohl, Tiny Tim, Waljinah, Chrisye, Iwan Fals, and the list goes on.
6 And who is your favorite non Metal Band? Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Rush, The Rolling Stones, The Tielman Brothers, Gugun and The Blues Shelter, Payung Teduh, Cupumanik, and too many to mention hahaha...
7 If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be? Anywhere, big show or studio show, it doesn’t matter as long I can have fun with my band and my friends.
8 If it's not too personal for me to ask, are you religious? I have a faith, but I don’t think I am a religious person.
9 What do you think of the metal situation ATM? Its really grown fast, thanks to the internet and advanced technology. Now we can search almost all about the bands we want to know, sharing information with friends in different parts of the world, and hope it can make the scene better.
10 Do you believe anyone can ever be too old to play metal? Will you ever be too old for metal? To play, maybe yes, because for me playing extreme music its really to push your physical limit. But for the soul, it will never be too old, NEVER !!!
11 Have you ever hooked up with your fans? For f*** sake, who will be my fans? I even don’t wanna be a fan for my self hahaha. There were friends, a family, I have no room for a thing called fans, but I have an unlimited room for everyone who wanna makes a friendship with me.
12 If you could be reincarnated what or who would you like to come back as? Batman, because the answer always Batman.
13 Would you like to come back at all? Actually no, one time is enough. We have all the chance we need in one life-time. If we can come back, we will still not be satisfied.
[By Kieran James for Busuk Chronicles. 13th Step Interview questions by: Jason Hutagalung. 13th Step Interview Concept created by: Jason Hutagalung, used with permission.]

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