Wednesday 23 November 2016

CD REVIEW: IMPLIED (Bandung, West Java): "Life to Die" EP, by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews, 11/10/2016.

Implied - Life to Die (WAAR Productions) - From Bandung in Indonesia, Implied just formed to provide their first act of butchery in an EP form and their savagery f***ing scene of gore is called "Life to Die" which will terrorize many with its bloodthirsty brutality of pure f***ing insanity! This bomb of horrific f***ing torment comes in five steps of pure f***ing disgusting brutality including an instrumental intro before a total body f***ing destruction perpetrated by the ingenious sick knowledge of sickness giving a composition of the most f***ing enjoyable! Implied are performing a sick Brutal Death Fucking Metal with influences of many bands in the shitty genre but keeping their unique side and delivering a brilliant f***ing EP which is of an unnamed insanity! "Life to Die" is 16 f***ing minutes of pure awesomeness musically f***ing perfect with only the many intros that come break a little bit the momentum but being short and still not too much damaging the ambiance of this piece of true f***ing shit! Ryen Irfan (Vocals), Ardian Pratama (Guitars), Alle Sundality (Bass), Dendy Ramdhani (Drums - also INTERFECTORMENT / ex-PEDOPHIILIA) are the four butchers orchestrating this pure savagery f***ing scene with a gorewriting completely f***ing successful including a lot of catchy and addictive f***ing parts but also having many twisted ones coming to increase the enjoyment of this f***ing shit and reminding us of the golden era of Brutal Death! Ryen on vocals is f***ing sick with a great f***ing guttural; Ardian is giving only great f***ing riffs with no boring f***ing parts, same for Alle on bass giving a good f***ing performance;and Dendy on drums is totally f***ing crazy with a non stop blast f***ing insane and really kicking our f***ing ass! The production is f***ing killer and near perfect having as only flaw to have a snare sounding a little bit weak but still enjoyable, a great f***ing mix and this f***ing shit really sounds like a f***ing bunch of corpses being chopped in pieces! "Life to Die" contains an intense f***ing gory atmosphere increasing the musical level and making this EP one of the best in the shitty genre by its quality Brutal Death and its brilliant f***ing composition! Implied completely managed their start into insanity by delivering a mandatory f***ing piece of brutality essential to all sickos wishing to get some sick f***ing time! Near Perfect F***ing Bomb of Pure F***ing Brutality! 9.5/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

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