Tuesday 6 December 2016

CLASSIC INTERVIEW: My first interview with SKULLPHUCK (Toowoomba Groove Metal), 4/12/12

SKULLPHUCK (2012 line-up) - Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia Modern Groove Metal Band
Kieran James: 1 First of all can you tell us the history of the band and the current line-up. 
ANSWER: When Derek (Halliday) and Ryan (Dixon) started seriously writing together in May they sought out me (Lindsay Berrett) to play bass. After a weeks of the three of us jamming we found Hayden (Johnson) and we got down to it. Current lineup is as follows: Derek Halliday, Ryan Dixon, Lindsay Berrett and Hayden Johnson.
2 How would you describe your music and who are your influences? 
ANSWER: We all have our own separate influences, none of us are the same. We combine these to write our music without actually labeling it as one set genre. Our individual influences include: Suicide Silence, Slipknot, Children of Bodem, Murderdolls, Pantera, Wednesday 13, Black Sabbath, Machinehead, System of a Down, The Living End, Pennywise and Rise Against.
3 Who are the songwriters and how do you go about writing songs? 
ANSWER: Ryan writes the riffs, Derek writes the lyrics. We all contribute to the songs and work together to build on them through Ryan and Derek's ideas.
4 You told me at the show you have eight songs. What songs are you most excited about and why? 
ANSWER: We're pretty fond of all our songs really, they are like our children, we are more driven by the fans' response than anything. A few that sit best with us and we believe to drive the crowd include: "Murder is not Enough", "Kill Everything" and "Hopeless".
5 What are the main lyrical themes? 
ANSWER: The themes of the lyrics reflect Derek's mood at the time and let him vent his frustrations in a constructive way, the lyrics are written in a horror punk themed way and are sometimes violent or [at] other times conveying a message of unity or strength.
6 Have you got any plans or hopes to release an album soon? 
ANSWER: Always, we are hoping to release a demo by April next year (2013) and we are keen to tour on the back of that.
7 What was the reaction and feedback you have had to the Metal Fever gig you played? See also the review I did on BUSUK WEBZINE. 
ANSWER: All positive, I think the crowd really thrived on our energy. We gained plenty of support from that night (your review was great, we really appreciate it as it showed us some things we need to work on and present better as well as where our strengths lie, just next time can you mention the guitarist please hehe)
8 Going back in time, how and when did you guys first become metalheads? 
ANSWER: It was all installed in us from a very young age, mainly through family influence.
9 Can you name for us your three favourite Toowoomba metal bands of any genre? 
ANSWER: Corruptions of the Innocence, Ambitions and Eternal Rest.
10 Have you got any other future goals or dreams for the band? 
ANSWER: As a side part of the band we are working on our own promotions company (5PK). Apart from promoting future gigs we'd like to promote extreme sport competitions (i.e. Skateboarding and BMX) and combine these with live heavy music.
11 Any message for fans and supporters and/or for the many Indonesian and global metalheads who read this website? Overall i think 90% of our page-views are from Indonesia. 
ANSWER: Support local music and never give up chasing your dreams.
12 Last question: your bass player (I think it is) was very chatty onstage at Metal Fever gig. Does he want to be the joint frontman hehehe? 
ANSWER: I'd love to work on backup vocals with Derek but nothing more than that mate.

Please note this band's name is pronounced as...well I think you all know how it is pronounced!

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