Wednesday 15 March 2017

CD REVIEW: CRAWL SICK EPIDEMIC (Bekasi) - "Killed, Stabbed, and Mutilated into Pieces", by A.Sick, 12/3/17

CRAWL SICK EPIDEMIC (Bekasi Death Metal Horde) - Killed, Stabbed, and Mutilated into Pieces single (Brutal Mind

From the extreme f***ing land of Bekasi in Indonesia, the plague named Crawl Sick Epidemic has come to devastate the shitty world by its virulent f***ing virus of great efficiency making people mentally f***ing disturbed with many acts on species reported as "Killed, Stabbed, and Mutilated into Pieces''! This murderer shitty effect is very short by lasting 7 brutal f***ing minutes and giving an insane Brutal F***ing Death to all those being infected by this auditory disease of the most f***ing violent! This extreme f***ing butchery divided in two parts have an atmosphere of death and cold f***ing brutality piercing us to the f***ing bones by its violence of execution and its high f***ing level of addiction coming to increase the enjoyment of the acts of cruelties of this gory f***ing experience totally f***ing grandiose! This infectious f***ing disease has been spread by Eicko (Vocals), Ibor (Guitars), Rakes (Bass), Balok (Drums) and the insane f***ing quartet is doing a complete splendid work by giving a brilliant f***ing performance with a flawless composition by their know-how in the matter and the high f***ing degree of addiction making us live! The production of this killer f***ing shit is for me f***ing perfect having a great mixing and this bomb sounds like some real battlefields of weak infected f***ing minds killing each other and creating an unimaginable f***ing bloodbath! "Killed, Stabbed, and Mutilated into Pieces" have everything to be perfect by having some sick, addictive and disgusting f***ing gutturals, including only great f***ing riffing and a plenty of them being catchy and completely successful with a brutal f***ing drumming adding to the awesomeness of this gory f***ing piece of total insanity! Indonesia again show us they are the best since a few years with this beast of true and pure f***ing sickness having everything to please to all brutal heads around by its addictive, brutal and amazing f***ing songwriting! Crawl Sick Epidemic did a perfect promo demonstration of its high f***ing quality by infecting all souls with its brilliant f***ing brutality and "Killed, Stabbed, and Mutilated into Pieces" is without any f***ing doubt among the best material coming out from this insane f***ing country! Blasterpiece of Pure and Cold F***ing Brutality! 10/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

1. Killed, Stabbed, and Mutilated into Pieces (3:08)
2. Processing Mutilation of Bleeding (3:48)

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