Friday, 12 January 2018

NEWS: Vokalis Yayan Butcher leaves Jagal to focus on his old band Venduzor (Surabaya Death Metal), 10/1/18.

SURABAYA NEWS: Charismatic vokalis Yayan Butcher has left Jagal band so he can focus on his old band Venduzor (Surabaya Death Metal). He was Jagal vokalis from 2014-2017 and he appeared on the 5-track Jagal EP from 2014. The new Jagal vokalis is Fendi Adrian. When I asked Yayan why he left Jagal he replied: "Because in Jagal I am just additional member, my friend. VENDUZOR is my old band".

Venduzor was formed in 1994. It has released two demos: Live After Dead in 1997 and Persecution of Murder in 2000. It also released a compilation CD Covered by the Blood in 2010.
Yayan Butcher (left) and Endro Wibowo when Jagal headlined Jombang Metal Blast 2014..

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