Thursday 19 May 2016

CD REVIEW: ATLANTIS OF THE SKY (Sydney Metalcore) - "Full Circle" EP, by Collin Brophy

Atlantis Of The Sky Full Circle EP

Atlantis Of The Sky are a five piece Metalcore band from Sydney Australia, they are self-managed and are not on any record label. AOTS play a style of Metalcore that is different from the regular Metalcore sound, a sound style all of their own

Band Members: Jacob Pedersen, Chad Shah, Aden Stokes, Matthew Hughes, Phillip Hyde.

Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales Australia.

Genre: Metalcore

Influences: Chimira, Thy Art Is Murder, From First To Last, Suicide Silence just to name a few.

Biography: AOTS are 5 piece Metalcore outfit from Western Sydney Australia. AOTS have played numerous gigs such as A Night In Texas, Brofest, and amazing bands such as Boris The Blade, Double Chamber, Failure Of Faith, these are just a small example of what they have achieved in such a small amount of time that they have been playing.

AOTS guys have only been around for less than three years and in that time they have built up a massive following in Australia, their first EP came out in September 2013 and it was called, We Are Consumers. They released their first video back on August 29th 2014, and they have now released a new video for their new EP called Full Circle, the video is for the Dark Side Of The Sun featuring Phoone Lambeth, (Caraway Seed, Failure Of Faith), released on Saturday the 6th February 2016.

Full Circle EP Songs: 1.Chimera’s Army, 2.The Dark Side Of The Sun, 3.One Of Kind, 4.No Respect, 5.Bury Yourself.

Running Time: Under 18 Minutes long.

I never heard their previous EP, this is the first time that I have heard AOTS, I am not a big fan of Metalcore, but this EP is something different; it’s not the same generic Metalcore that’s been done before. Full Circle is like a breath of fresh air in the genre of Metalcore. I found myself listening to Full Circle over and over again and playing air drums along with it. It is bands like AOTS that will get me more and more into Metalcore. These guys are the new breed of musicians that are making Metalcore more enjoyable once again.

It is really hard to choose any one stand out song on the five track EP, but if I had to it would be “Chimera’s Army”, followed by “The Dark Side Of The Sun”, but in saying this, the whole EP is just outstanding. AOTS are one very talented band with some truly amazing musicians, the sound and production of this EP is amazing. It’s very hard to find any faults in Full Circle, or let’s put it way I didn’t find any. As musicians they complement each other very well, the guitarist does an awesome job on this EP, some really cool riffs, which is supported the bassist. The drumming is just brilliant and the vocals are just insane and he is one very talented vocalist.

From the very first song I was hooked. This is one very outstanding EP and to be able to do this without a label just goes to show you just how determined these guys are and they definitely have the right attitude. They are making a name for themselves by doing something they love and truly believe in and it shows on Full Circle. Full Circle is brutal in some places, but the majority of Full Circle is heavy as hell and I cannot wait to see them when they come to my area on Saturday the 28th of May at Woy Woy on the Central Coast. I highly recommend that if you get the chance to see these guys then do it.

[By Collin Brophy for Busuk Chronicles.]


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