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DAJJAL INTERVIEW: "The old guys in the metal scene remember us" (Bandung Death Metal), 22/1/2014

DAJJAL band. Left to Right: Runal (drummer), Zulf (guitarist), and Karkash (guitarist) @ DEATHSTAR TATTOO, Bandung, 22 January 2014. note that vocalist Barock was not able to join us this day.
My interview with Dajjal (Bandung death-metal)
Interpretation by: Popo (Vocalist Demons Damn)
Expert Comments & Questions by: Popo and Bobby Rock (Vocalist Hydro)
Dajjal is: Barok (Vocals); Zulf (Guitar); Karkash (Guitar); and Runal (Drums); no bass player at present. Note that Karkash has since left the band.
Date: 22 January 2014 @ Dada’s Deathstar Tattoo, Bandung

Jack Frost: It is great that we can finally interview your band because Dajjal is a legendary band in Bandung although now with Karkash, the young-blood guitarist. It is good I got to know Karkash through the Facebook so now we can have this interview. Please tell us the history of the band.

Runal (Drummer): We were formed in October 1995. The original member until now is only Barock.

JF: The oldest?

Karkash: One of the oldest!

Zulf (left) and Karkash
JF: How many albums for your band?

Zulf (Guitarist): Two.

JF: What are the album titles?

Karkash: The first album Amarah, meaning “anger”, was released in 2000 and the second album called Human Dark Side in 2014 (Heretic Records). The first album was released by Bandung Soul Production.

JF: Why such a long break between the albums?

Zulf: We changed formation so the people who arranged the music were always changing. We took a long break.

JF: Did some fans forget the band because of such a long break?

Runal: Many fans maybe disappeared but when we launched the new album many fans came to live and like us.

JF: Are the fans old or young?

Zulf: Teenagers [laughs]!

JF: What genre do you use to describe your music?

Zulf: Death-metal music. We don’t know exactly what type of death-metal. We have many influences.

JF: What are your influences – foreign and local?

Karkash: The old-school metal and some death-metal or black-metal. Mostly I listen to Iron Maiden and the Big 4 and some new bands like Behemoth, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Dawn of Demise [Sweden], and Kreator too as you already know.

Zulf: The Faceless [USA], Psycroptic, and Behemoth.

JF: Who played bass on the album?

Karkash: On the album me and Zulf were the bass players.

JF: Ok, can you give me your comments on Bandung death-metal scene, positive and negative.

Runal: The positive thing is that the old death-metal can make the young ones motivated and inspired. The young ones are motivated to live death-metal.

JF: Negative things?

Runal: Sometimes people are followers who don’t understand the art of death-metal. The fans and bands just become followers, some not all.

Zulf: There is a separation between some people in the community, maybe Ujung Berung, Cimahi, etc.

Popo (Vocalist Demons Damn): Cimahi is a different city.

[Jack Frost note: At this point there was some debate about this topic but I didn’t write it all down.]

JF: What do you think of people with Rock Star Syndrome?

Karkash: Some of them act like that yes but not all. We respect each other.

JF: Dajjal is an old band but not so famous as some other old bands from Bandung, do you feel upset about this?

Zulf: Stay humble, stay wise, stay metal, stay cool, peace and love, respect each other!

JF: Do you think Dajjal should get more respect?

Runal: No, we existed for a long time so the old guys in the death-metal scene still support us and the young too.

Zulf: Dajjal did not make an album for 13 years; it’s a long gap [so this may explain any lack of fame compared to some other bands]. We only made two albums.

Popo: Runal, how do you feel working together with young guys such as Zulf and Karkash?

Runal (Drummer): I started in year 2000, Barock started in 1995. It’s no problem to work with young guys because before I started I discussed with Barock about continuing this band or not. When we decided to continue I asked Zulf to join and we started playing as a threesome without a bassist. We felt it was unenjoyable.  Then I asked Karkash to join the band and then we made new colourful music.

JF: Why did you ask Karkash to join the band?

Runal: Karkash had a band that was not too busy. He had a good technique which can combine well with Dajjal’s music.

JF: Popo, what is your comment about Dajjal?

Popo: I think they are a legendary band. I say legend because they have a different way to show themselves to the audience with song and performance. They are always using costumes. I really had a shock because the vocalist is brutal and running everywhere and jumping to the crowd. When he jumps to the audience it will make them scared. I always enjoy looking at their performance.

JF: Why didn’t you tell me about Dajjal ha? [smiling]

Popo: I always tell you that Bandung has many good bands but why you always ask me about Bleeding Corpse and Jasad? [all laughing]

Popo: Don’t write about the bands Jasad and Bleeding Corpse! [smiling]

Bobby Rock (Vocalist Hydro): What are the problems when you make the new album?

Karkash: Me and Zulf try to combine old-school music and modern style but the vocal technique is still in really old-school style. It’s hard to combine the music and the vocal character. That is Barock’s [vocal] character so why should we change? We combine with the old-school vocal.

JF: Like Kreator and Exodus on their recent albums.

Karkash: Of course.

JF: Bobby, what is your comment about this band?

Bobby: Dajjal has the most hard-dying fans in Bandung. The fans are really loyal to the band. The band members are very humble and easy to friend. They are always humble to everyone.

JF: What are the differences between the first and the second album?

Karkash: In my opinion the first album sounds like grindcore. The second album is more like death-metal and with more harmonization. The lyrics are not really different because the vocalist is still the same. It still talks about the dark side of humanity.

JF: Karkash, which of your bands is the main priority for you because you also play with Amora Savage?

Karkash: I cannot answer. I try to make them separate.

JF: If they both play on the same night in different towns which band will you play for?

Karkash: Whichever band gives me the schedule I will take it first. If it is possible to play at both gigs I will do both performances.

JF: What is the future goal and dream for the band?

Zulf: For now the goal is to release the second album and to make new albums. And to become more successful; to earn more respect from all of the bands young and old.

Karkash: To keep creating.

Zulf: To be known not just in Indonesia; we hope our songs can be accepted by foreign people and to play in a foreign country of course.

JF: Who are your favourite singers in Bandung death-metal?

Zulf: For slamming Andre from Turbidity; he is a more powerful vocalist.

Karkash: For me Dada.

Runal: Barock and Bobby; Barock for the old-school and Bobby for the new-school.; for the 90s-era Barock and for the 2000s-era Bobby.

JF: Does Bobby do guest vocals on your new album?

Karkash: It will happen if there is a chance.

JF: Who are your favourite guitarists in Bandung death-metal?

Karkash: Edz from Hellbeyond.

Zulf: Agung from Burgerkill.

Runal: Agung and Ferly.

JF: Who are your favourite drummers?

Karkash: Ask the drummer first.

Runal: Andris, Burgerkill.

Zulf: Same.

Karkash: They are all good. I don’t have a favourite drummer but that does not mean there are no good drummers.

JF: Ok, this is a private joke for those who read our old interviews, grade out of ten for Abaz?

Karkash: I say 7/10!

JF: You know why I ask this [all laughing].

Bobby: What are your plans to promote your new album?

Karkash: We will do some tour as soon as possible.

Popo: I want to know about your funny experiences on the stage.

Zulf: My ankle slipped and I fell; in Sundanese language Tijalikeuh.

Zulf: Our vocalist does moshing on the stage and I got scars.

JF: What town are the fans most crazy?

Zulf: We always have a good experience because the people are so shocked because we use costumes; we look different from other bands; this makes the people enthusiastic.

JF: Which town?

Zulf: All.

JF: Any message for the fans?

Karkash: Because of you we can survive; without you we are nothing, that’s all. We give thanks for your support; it really means a lot to us.

Zulf: Say no to drugs; love your parents; stay humble; stay rock; stay cool; stay lovely; keep respecting each other.

Runal: The minuses and plus we have but zombies we are still alive.

Popo: Your concept on stage is undying zombie?

Karkash: It will happen.

Popo: Why do you wear costumes on stage?

Zulf: It started when the first time Dajjal performed we used mud like Sepultura and Rob Zombie; and the transformation came to zombies and then to costumes.

Popo: It’s better to use the costumes than mud?

Zulf: It’s hard to use the costumes for performance.

Popo: What is your feeling when you perform with costumes and everyone thinks you are different to the others?

Karkash: Costumes can allow us to express the art about the music; the costumes facilitate the self-expression.

Popo: Why do you not try different costumes?

Karkash: Honestly the costumes are still not yet fixed. Mostly I like the colossal concept.

Popo: Why do you believe costumes will help your band?

Karkash: They allow for more expression of emotion on stage.

Zulf: The costumes make us a trend-setter band.

Popo: Do you all feel comfortable on-stage?

Zulf: The first time I felt it was not easy to wear costume and play guitar.

Popo: It’s hard for a drummer too?

Runal: Only the drummer has the permission not to use the costume.

JF: Are you happy with the sound of the album or do you feel it’s not perfect?

Karkash: So far so good. In my opinion it’s a more natural sound and not too processed.

Popo: Are there any guest musicians on the album?

Zulf: Edz from Hellbeyond.

Popo: What is your comment about Busuk Webzine?

Zulf: Thanks for interviewing us. It can make people know more about Dajjal.

Karkash: My message to Busuk is it’s really great to know Busuk Crew because I can share personally bout things and I hope Busuk can get bigger like I said. I hope it can be physical magazine. It would be really cool.

Popo: What do you expect from the Bandung death-metal scene?

Zulf: We are thankful because Burgerkill and Jasad help the regeneration bands in Bandung to become worldwide because Jasad has contact with Severed [Records] and Burgerkill is known in Europe. This is a door for us. Foreigners know more about Indonesian death-metal, and especially Bandung death-metal, because of Burgerkill and Jasad.

JF: What is more important – selling albums or merch?

Karkash: We choose selling album.

Zulf: Yes, selling album.

Popo: But the merch will help the band financially.

Karkash: Yes, support.
Zulf Dajjal, Dada Deathstar (ex-Turbidity vocalist), and Karkash Dajjal
Left to Right: Runal Dajjal, Bobby Hydro, Zulf Dajjal, Dada Deathstar, Karkash Dajjal, and Jack Frost @ DEATHSTAR TATTOO, Bandung, 22 January 2014.
Left to Right: Popo Demons Damn, Bobby Hydro, and Rony Adrenaline @ Bandung, 22 Januiary 2014.
Left to Right: Popo Demons Damn, Bobby Hydro, Jack Frost, Butche (leather jacket / Hirax cap), Zemo (at back / red-and-black jacket), Aries Kaluman @ Bandung, 21 January 2014.

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