Monday, 5 September 2016

SICKLES NEWS MADURA: Irsyad joins ship heading to Finland / Rony starts Decaying Flesh project

Irsyad (Sickles vocalist) first on left with his new shipmates bound for Finland.
SICKLES BAND NEWS MADURA: Vocalist Irsyad has started working full-time on a cruise ship bound for Finland. He has had this plan for a long time. The band is using additional vocalist on the stage (the vocalist of ANT KILLERS band). Bassist Rony has started a two-man Brutal Death Metal project called DECAYING FLESH with the guitarist of MORGOD (Surabaya). The band is signed to Swallow Vomit Production and are preparing now for their first album. There is no special news from guitarist Arie Sickles nor from drummer Haidir. Who knows what the future will hold for SICKLES band but I hope they continue and can record a full-length album. SICKLES is a promising band with technical skill, creativity, and energy. The lyrical themes are based on Madura history and mythology. SICKLES band released its debut seven-song EP Series Elite Disaster in March 2014 (500 copies) with the line-up of: Irsyad (v), Arie (g), Rony (b), and Haidir (d). A NEW DECAYING FLESH INTERVIEW WILL BE POSTED THIS WEEK [by Kieran James].

DECAYING FLESH videoclip feat. Rony Sickles:

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