Thursday 6 October 2016

NEW INTERVIEW: Our second interview with GIRLZEROTH, 19/7/2016 (Bandung Death Metal)

Left to Right: Gina Girlzeroth (vocalist), Nenx Girlzeroth (guitarist), and Popo Demons Damn (vocalist) @ Bandung, 19 July 2016.
Our interview with GIRLZEROTH (Bandung, West Java, Indonesia death-metal)
At: Bandung, West Java, Indonesia
19 July 2016
Interpretation & extra comments by: Popo (DEMONS DAMN & BUSUK CHRONICLES)
GIRLZEROTH is:  Gina (vocals), Anang (drums), Nenx (guitar), and additional bassist.

Kieran James (Busuk Chronicles): Why did the former vocalist Wong leave the band to be replaced by Gina?

Nenx (guitarist): She had a different vision.

Maya Mortality (left) and Nenx Girlzeroth
KJ: Wong is a hardcore singer?

Popo: Yes, for now.

KJ: Why and how did Gina join?

Gina (vocalist): The first time I just went to help. I felt good with them so I just thought I will go with the flow. I feel comfortable with Nenx. I try to explore my vocal technique with them.

KJ: Did you have a Death Metal band before?

Gina: Yes.

KJ: Tell me about the Kingdom Warrior (2016) album progress. The album is already released?

Nenx: Yes.
Gina (left) and Nenx

Gina: The recording for the Kingdom Warrior album began in 2015. The recording took place between July and December 2015. We finished the whole package of mixing and mastering in April 2016. It was released in April 2016.

KJ: What was the record label and how many copies were released?

Nenx: Flying Paper Studios, 300 copies released.

KJ: How many copies are sold now?

Gina: 200.

KJ: How is the reaction of the fans and the community?

Nenx: So far so good. Our songs have their own character.

KJ: Does Gina have vocal character of a DM growl like Popo?

Gina: Yes, but actually she is better than me [laughs].

Popo: No, that is only her opinion!

Gina Girlzeroth, Nenx Girlzeroth, Popo Demons Damn, 19/7/2016
Gina: No, it is true!

Popo: She’s lying!

Gina: No, I tell the truth!

KJ: Who are your vocal influences?

Gina: She is the one who inspired me!

KJ: Any other vocal influence?

Gina: Psycroptic vocalist.

Popo: She always makes me shy because she says I’m her only influence.

KJ: Did you hear the voice of Niza from Climaxeth before Niza left the metal scene?

Gina: I don’t know much about her.

KJ: Do you know the band Sister Murder from Malang?

Gina: No, I don’t know about the band.

Popo: I want to know why Nenx and Gina choose to play Death Metal?

Gina: I don’t like mainstream music. I am still learning about the DM music. I like unusual music.

Nenx: Because the DM music is enjoyable listening and makes me comfortable. I think DM is exclusive music. I have heard many kinds of music but at last when I first heard DM music it made me comfortable. It is in the blood, panceg dina galur!

Popo: In Indonesia we have the words “blood and meat are like the mouth or heart and soul of the body” [mendarah daging].

KJ: What are your five favorite bands of Indo DM?

Gina: The answer is: 1 Demons Damn, 2 Death Vomit, 3 Crematopsy, 4 Digging Up, and 5 Disinfected.

Nenx: The answer is: 1 Jasad, 2 Saffar, 3 Asphyxiate (Bekasi), 4 Dismemberment Torture, and 5 Bloodgush.

KJ: Glenn will be happy to see his two bands on that list!

KJ: What are your future plans?

Gina: We will have a new album and we need to prepare new and better material.

KJ: Do you have any new songs ready?

Gina: We plan to have three songs ready for later this year 2016.

KJ: Do you want an EP first or do you want to wait until you can release an album?

Nenx: We want to have an EP first.

KJ: When will you release the EP?

Gina: This year 2016.

KJ: What is your message for the fans?

Gina: I am just a fan and I don’t think we have any fans.

Popo: But I think she does not know. I am sure she has many fans.

Gina: Buy the original merchandise.

Nenx: Buy the original CD. Stay on the line and have the passion for the DM music.

KJ: Popo, what is your comment about Girlzeroth?

Popo: Next time.

Gina: I want now!

Popo: I hope Girlzeroth can exist for a long time and keep playing the original DM with a special character to their music. I hope that they can give inspiration to other metal chicks in Bandung and Indonesia. The important thing (as I know from watching them because their band is like my band) is passion not fashion. We hope our bands can be accepted by people in the scene and can receive big support from them too.

Gina: I just asked Popo to make some collaboration.

Popo: It’s no big deal; it’s just for fun.

Gina: It’s my dream.

Left to Right: Popo Demons Damn, Gina Girlzeroth (vocals), Nenx Girlzeroth (guitar), Kieran James (Busuk Chronicles) @ Bandung, 19/7/2016.
Left to Right: Viking Robbie, Gina Girlzeroth, Nenx Girlzeroth, Kieran James, and Popo Demons Damn @ Bandung.

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