Tuesday 20 December 2016

NEW CREMATOPSY (BDG.) INTERVIEW: "Wait for our music, we will shock you!" (English version), 19/7/16

My second interview with CREMATOPSY (Bandung Death Metal)
Interpretation by: Popo Demons Damn (vocalist, DEMONS DAMN band)
Date: Tuesday, 19 July 2016 @ Bandung
CREMATOPSY (July 2016) is: Dado (vocals); Insan (guitar1); Haikal (guitar2); Alwin (bass – could not attend band interview); and Aden (drums).

Kieran James (Busuk Chronicles): Please tell us the band history.

Aden (drummer): We started in 2008. At first we were high-school juniors. We started to attend many gigs such as Bandung Death Fest, Bandung Berisik, and then we asked ourselves why we don’t make a band. The name was given by Miky Auticed. At first the guitarist was Ari and the vocalist was Adhi (now with Auticed). In 2015 Haikal and Dado joined the band because Ari must finish his study and Adhi decided to join Auticed.

Insan (guitarist1): Transfer!

KJ: You pushed Adhi to leave?

Haikal (new guitarist2): Yes, because the vocal is very vital.

Aden: I don’t want two bands to have the same character especially on vocals. We made Adhi choose and unfortunately he chose Auticed.

Haikal: It had a good future maybe.

KJ: Who is the leader of Crematopsy?

Aden: Insan is the leader of the band.

Dado (new vocalist): Because he made it.

Aden: And he made all the songs, 80%.

Popo Demons Damn: There is a difference between vocalist and other players.

KJ: Where do you come from?

Aden: All from Bandung. Insan, Haikal, and Dado are from Kopo [South Bandung]; Aden and Insan are from Buahbatu [south-east Bandung].

KJ: Did you release any recordings?

Aden: We had an EP in 2013 called Admonition. We were released by Omega Records, the same as Auticed.

KJ: What is the progress now?

Aden: We plan to record our new songs maybe in October 2016 (as single). We have a bigger plan to release a full-length album in 2017.

KJ: What is the genre for the band?

Aden: Personally I like to call us Death Metal. The sub-genre is up to the listener.

KJ: Is it different from Auticed?

Aden: Auticed is more classical like Fleshgod Apocalypse but Crematopsy is more towards Gorod and the Faceless.

KJ: Is it hard to manage the two bands?

Aden: I don’t think so because Auticed does not have a lot of schedule so we can discuss the timing of the shows. We are still in transition between the old and the new formations. One problem is we still need to wait to get the chemistry between the band members. There is new influence coming from the new band members.

KJ: What band did Dado play in before?

Aden: In Argiolpes with all of the same members [all laugh]. The only difference is Alwin the bassist.

KJ: So some of you are in three bands?

Aden: Yes, but Argiolpes has…

Dado: Disappeared…

Aden: Lost…

Insan: Nowhere.

KJ: Not active?

Aden: No, not active anymore. In Argioples we play Swedish metalcore such as Soilwork.

KJ: Will the band start again?

Aden: No, not anymore.

Insan: We just focus on Crematopsy and Auticed.

Popo: When did you release the EP?

Aden: 2013 by Crematopsy. [KJ Note: The Crematopsy Metal-archives page says 2014.]

KJ: What is the future plan for Crematopsy?

Aden: Full-length album for 2017. We have a plan to change our genre. It will stay not far from DM. We don’t want any similar material to Auticed.

KJ: Do you know the record label for the single?

Aden: Yes, still Omega.

KJ: How is the vocal style different?

Aden: Adhi had a growl style on vocal while Dado is more high-tuned. This is one reason why we had a plan to change our genre.

KJ: So Dado’s vocals are like screamo?

Aden: Yes.

Dado: Learning to growl. My influence is Corey from Slipknot and Randy Blythe from Lamb of God.

KJ: So the music will become like metalcore or modern-metal?

Aden: It is more towards melodic death-metal.

KJ: Will Crematopsy become like the style of your old band?

Aden: No, because we do not want the DM to disappear. The vocalist is now learning to growl.

KJ: Or you could have two vocalists?

Aden: It is complex to spread our fee!

Insan: It is all about money.

Aden: Money talks, bro!

KJ: Is it good to work with the new vocalist?

Aden: So far so good. He has strong will to learn and the most important thing is I have known him a long time and I like his attitude.

KJ: Did he play any shows yet with Crematopsy?

Insan: Not yet.

Aden: We did not yet test his live performance.

KJ: Who are your favourite singers in Bandung DM?

Dado: Addy Gembel. The most influence in metal is Viky Burgerkill, Owang Nectura, and also Ivan Scumbag.

KJ: Any other vocalists from other cities in Indonesia?

Dado: Daniel Dead Squad and Adam from Humiliation, no, just kidding…

Aden: Because he is a friend of Adam.

Dado: My friend from junior high-school.

KJ: Humiliation is also from Soreang.

Aden: Yes, Adam and Insan used to hang out. But since Humiliation got busier Insan can’t spend so much time with Adam.

Aden: Because Crematopsy is a part of Bandung Selatan [South Bandung] Death Metal Community.

KJ: Have you got any tour or shows coming up?

Insan: Not yet because we want to record our single first.

Aden: We feel Crematopsy needs to have more songs. So far we have four songs.

KJ: So the four songs are from the EP?

Haikal: Yes, but now we try to make a differentiation from the old songs.

KJ: When will the new song be finished?

Aden: We can finish it in October 2016.

KJ: Do you know the name of the song?

Aden: The name is not ready yet. We are still working on the lyrics and the title. The music is around 20% finished. The reason is Insan and I got busy last month [June 2016] with Auticed and Haikal and Dado are busy with their study. This is why we have slow process in making music.

KJ: Any message for the fans?

Aden (drums): The same as I said to Auticed fans: thanks for your support and your patience to wait for our music. Buy original CD and merch and please support our local UG music. We really, really love you.

Insan (guitarist1): I want to tell you not to tire out waiting for our music. Just keep waiting…

Aden (drums): Just believe!

Insan (guitarist1): We will show something different and something fresh.

Haikal (guitarist2): Please still wait for our music. We will shock you.

Dado (vocalist): I will promise we will make a different colour for DM in UG and don’t stop to be creative.

KJ: Do you prefer religious girls or metal chicks?

Aden: I prefer metal chick with a good religion.

Popo: A good-girl metal-chick.

Aden: Don’t forget to pray.

KJ: What do you study?

Aden: Business management.

Dado: Communications.

Haikal: General management.

Insan: Music and art performance.
The four-track Admonition EP was released on 27 June 2014 by OmegaWave Records and was limited to 50 copies [source: Crematopsy Metal-archives page].

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