Friday 15 September 2017

CD REVIEW: SEMINAL EMBALMMENT (Adelaide, Australia) - Seminal Embalmment, by Andrew Sick

Seminal Embalmment (Adelaide, Australia) - Seminal Embalmment (New Standard Elite)

The Australians Seminal Embalmment are finally ready to give their highly anticipated debut self titled f***ing album devastating all the humanity that remains in you with a brutal f***ing carnage that is greatly meeting expectations and will captivate your shitty f***ing soul from start to finish! The band is back spreading some pure Brutal Death F***ing Metal and continuing in the same f***ing way as their previous EP by sharing some powerful and catchy f***ing brutality! This debut release includes 10 tracks of true f***ing insanity including an intro and all songs of this f***ing shit are f***ing great and excellent being f***ing addictive but could be even more! This shit have no really weak riffing and rather offering a real sick experience in the genre with a lot catchy ones but perhaps missing a few to really make a perfect release! Seminal Embalmment is Justin Wood (Vocals), Luke Mottillo (Guitars), CJ Smith (Bass), Kieran Murray (Drums) and the guys in general are giving an awesome f***ing composition with everything to please and all elements needed to make some amazing f***ing brutality! Vocals are f***ing great but not enough guttural and a little linear making it redundant after a while but nothing very unbearable for the whole result; guitars and bass are really f***ing excellent and spreading some true catchy f***ing sickness and same for the drums being fast as f*** but also f***ing creative in its form! We can really feel some cold and brutal f***ing atmosphere helped by, I think, a flawless production perhaps maybe lacking a little on the disgusting side but still f***ing perfect and this f***ing shit sounds like a pile of f***ing bones being crushed by some shitty blastdozer! 32 f***ing minutes completely enjoyable having a few riffing to make you addicted and this self titled album is a total f***ing success despite some imperfections and amelioration to do! Seminal Embalmment is offering a solid debut and giving to the brutal f***ing fans some mandatory f***ing shit to add in their playlist for a while! Great F***ing Piece of Pure F***ing Brutality! 9.5/10. [This review was first published by Andrew Sick of Sick Reviews and is used here with his kind permission.]

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