Wednesday, 6 September 2017

NEWS: Doni Wicaksonojati (Immortal Rites) joins Tenggorokan band (Kediri Kingdom Death Metal)

Yahnes Tenggorokan (left) @ mixing process for new EP album
NEWS: Doni Wicaksonojati (Immortal Rites) joins Tenggorokan band as new bassist replacing Martin (Kediri Kingdom Death Metal), 4/9/2017. New formation 2017: Viqi (vocals); Yahnes (guitar); Doni (bass); and Yuna (drums). Message from the band: "Selamat bergabung bro @doni wicaksono". Tenggorokan band members are in the process of mixing the band's new EP.
TENGGOROKAN 2017 new formation with new bassist Doni Wicksonojati (Immortal Rites) first on right.
Yudiagusta (Sereignos), Yahnes (Tenggorokan), Dimas Valerian, and Kieran James (Busuk Chronicles) @ Kediri, 25 January 2014.

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