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NEW INTERVIEW: Our first interview with DIGGING UP (Bandung Brutal Death Metal), 12 May 2019.

Our first interview with DIGGING UP

AT: Pieces, Ujung Berung, Bandung.

Date: Sunday, 12 May 2019.

By: Teguh Prasetyo and Kieran James.

DIGGING UP line-up: Dedra (guitar), Arief (drums), Aghy (vocal), and Teguh (bass).

Teguh Prasetyo: We are already recording promo.

Dedra Digging: Two songs. We started recording drums in April [2019].

Teguh: The bass and guitar sessions started in April. We are waiting for the vocals. Vocals will be done on 20th of this month.

Teguh: This was already planned since last year but we all had very busy sessions working. We postponed almost one year.

Dedra: And we had some gigs before.

Teguh: This stopped us from doing new songs. We had quite busy schedules with work and gigs.

Dedra: We plan to do a clip for the promo.

Kieran James: Any change in the music style?

Dedra: Our new material has changed significantly in style. It is simpler, easy listening.

Teguh: It is still brutal but more easy listening.

Dedra: More familiar.

Teguh: We want to explore more the basic style of Digging Up. But the style from the first album is still there.

KJ: What do you think of the statement by Andrew Sick that Dedra is best Death Metal guitarist in Indonesia?

Dedra: I think it is just too much.

Teguh: I think Dedra is very dedicated in playing guitar. He is very specific about what he wants.

KJ: What is it like to work with him?

Teguh: It’s fun but it’s depressing because he has been doing this for so long. It puts me in a pressure cooker; I had to take over from Evan, one of the best bass players in this district. Dedra and the old members of Digging Up keep supporting me to get better and better. This is why I improved and Agung [guitarist, Interfectorment, ex-Digging Up] too. We learned so much from this band. For management side, we learned and used this for our band [Interfectorment] too.

KJ: How do you say the band name?

Teguh: We like to use Dijjing Up or Digging Up, depending on who we talk to. They have their own style and attitude; we [the new members, bassist Teguh and vocalist Aghy] must learn from it and become a part of it. In my opinion, for the new songs, two of the members are new. It will be a mix of old and new styles. It will be a little different but not too much. I’m just taking this prize, everything was already in place.

KJ: Funny stories?

Dedra: It is almost like a habit, we have some little rituals before gigs, which everyone knows. We burn some leaves from heaven before we play, to maintain the calm. The gigs are very intense.

Teguh: It’s in the past, of course. Now no-one knows. We might be still doing it or maybe not. Me and the vocalist are new to record for Digging Up. We did record some songs but we decided not to use them. The vocalist was from Demigod; the guitarist is playing on Jasad; the drummer is playing for Forgotten; one guitarist is playing for Humiliation. The bass player is playing for Gore Infamous.

KJ: Can you remember the best show you played in?

Dedra: All shows for me are the best show. Also for many bands I have had good shows and great memories.

Teguh: In Digging Up, personally, I think we are projecting the style of Dedra. He makes the form of the music. We walk in the same path so we are helping each other to achieve our goals. We are not just passengers. It is really fun to work with someone who knows the direction of the band. I can feel the soul of the songs and it becomes a part of me also.

Andrew Sick was one of the people from foreign countries who helped Indonesian Metal to be known overseas so we always respect him.

KJ: What city in Indonesia do you think the crowd is most crazy?

Dedra: Jakarta, too many people around him.

KJ: Do you think Andrew Sick’s comments helped raise the band up?

Dedra: Yes, it was a real contribution.

KJ: What do you think of cigarette companies sponsoring shows?

Teguh: I’m against the contributions to our scene. It’s too fake; we can survive without them; we are against.

UPDATE BY TEGUH PRASETYO (10 October 2020): 1. Now we are only a four-piece band. Tery is not in the band anymore. 2. We are signing with Brutal Mind for promo and album. 3. We are scheduled to release a two-song promo CD but we want to make it as a split with another band, it will still be released by Brutal Mind.

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