Monday 14 November 2016

CD REVIEW: INTERNAL LEPROSY (Phils) - "Judicial Blasphemy" EP (2016), by Hendra Yuwono, 8/11/16

Internal Leprosy - EP. Judicial Blasphemy (2016)
Country : Philippines
Genre / Style : Death / Thrash metal (Brutal! Raw! Old school!)
One of the most brutal and barbaric death/thrash releases from Philippines, and I believe that these guys will take you for a walk down the memory lane in the early 90s, with their barbaric raw music and sound. It has been 3 days since I started to listen to these crazy bastards' EP Judicial Blasphemy, and shit man they are really mean! From the lyrics you can feel the absolute anger, hatred, and maliciousness!!! And the music here is simply DESTROY ANYTHING IN FRONT OF THEM, is that too much to say about this album? Nope it is what it is and you can trust me and listen to the album and find out for yourself that I know what i talk about here. From the first track until the last you will be repeatedly pummeled by an intense death-thrash attack that absolutely gives you blows to your face and your fucking guts!!! The tempo is upbeat, with lots of tight fast riffs and downright thrashiness that reminds you to SOLSTICE, DEMOLITION HAMMER, and all the 90s death-thrash heroes. And of course the sound on here really cant be understated, they are raw as shit, and brutal, and that's how I like my sound for my metal right, cause you can feel the passion in all their songs. It has been 3 days since I started to listen to this EP and still i cannot stop headbanging to the songs. It is freaking awesome!!! And I like everything about this album, and they have set the bar so high and i hope they can keep it up for their full album (LP) and I hope it is just around the corner so everyone can feel the anger of these 3 loco amigos: King Ingalla, Arron Arcilla Villanueva, Paulo Culala...[By Hendra Yuwono for Busuk Chronicles.]
INTERNAL LEPROSY - Philippines Death / Thrash, new CD out now (release date: 7 September 2016), 100 pesos (highly recommended by Busuk Chronicles). 
Band - Internal Leprosy
Album - Judicial Blasphemy (EP Album) 4 track / Slim case
Genre - Death Thrash
From - Philippines (San Fernando, Pampanga)
Price - Php100
Label - indie.

Band official Facebook:
Arron (drummer) contact:
"ONE KILLING NATION", official video-clip:
"WAR WOUNDS" official video-clip:

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